La Cuisine de Maman (Mama's Kitchen)

"Wow this gumbo tastes more like my gumbo than any other I have ever tasted."
Customer of La Cuisine De Maman (Mamas Kitchen)

La Cuisine De Maman (Mama's Kitchen) is a full service restaurant located in Vermilionville; which is a twenty-three acre Cajun and Creole heritage and folklife park. As the name suggests, the restaurant strives to create food that tastes like mama made it, mama being a native of Southwest Louisiana. The recipes are designed in keeping with the Cajun/Creole heritage and prepared using techniques handed down from generation to generation, or, how mama cooks. La Cuisines's food creates flavors that would make the locals feel like they are eating at home. Many customers say they haven't had food like that in years.

La Cuisine concentrates on cooking traditional dishes such as ettouffees, gumbos, stews, macques, and smothering of various meats and vegetables. The restaurant is full service and serves a plate lunch Tuesday through Thursday and has a buffet Friday through Sunday; you may also order from a menu daily if the plate lunch or buffet doesn't whet your appetite. The plate lunch consists of your choice of chicken and sausage gumbo with rice or a house green salad, choice of one daily entree, with one starch, two vegetables, one bread item, choice of daily dessert, and iced tea or a soft drink. The buffet consists of gumbo, green salad, two entrees, one starch, two vegetables, bread, dessert and drink. If you choose to order from the menu, some of the offerings include fried seafood platters, catfish, shrimp, or sausage poboys and jambalaya.

If you like what you taste, and surely you will, Vermilionville offers a cooking school, "History on the Table." The cooking school is available everyday at scheduled times and lasts one-and-a-half hours. Instructors teach the students three different dishes each class. Stereotypical Cajun meals such as gumbos, jambalayas, stews and ettouffee are the usual fare. After the cooking/demonstrating is complete, the food is served and the recipes handed out so that you can enjoy authentic Cajun food in your own kitchen.

After the cooking school you should enjoy a stroll around the park. Vermilionville focuses on life on the bayou here in Acadiana between the years 1765 and 1890. The houses are modeled from houses located from the prairies and bayous of Louisiana at the time. There are actually a few authentic houses from the time period which have been restored. The restuarant itself is located in the front of the park, known as the festive area, and is modeled after a Creole plantation, with the restaurant acting as the overseers' house. The festive area is the place where you can enjoy another one of La Cuisines' services--catering. On-site catering is available for special events such as rehearsals, weddings, banquets, anniversaries, reunions, and political functions.

If you are from Southwest Louisiana and you like your grandma's cooking you will love La Cuisine de Maman. If you are not from here and you have never had grandma's Cajun cooking you might just fall in love with the cuisine and never want to eat other dishes, so come enjoy the full experience of La Cuisine de Maman and Vermilionville.

Owner: Anne Laughlin
Address: Located in Vermilionville. 300 Fisher Road, Lafayette LA 70508
Phone: 337-233-1694, 1-866-99-BAYOU
Hours: Tues - Fri:11 am - 2 pm; Sat & Sun: 11am - 3 pm