Gallaghers Cafe & Catering

“… If you’re in town and you need some place that feels familiar but tastes completely different, stop by, we’d be happy to get you whatever you need.”
Chris Broussard, owner

Visitors hungry for a plate full of Creole cooking can stop by this A-frame restaurant across from the campus of University of Louisiana at Lafayette. What was once an old defunct I-HOP has been resurrected as a plate lunch palace, and true favorite among locals looking for the kind of food they grew up eating.  Chris Broussard, the engaging young owner of Gallagher’s, knows that food because he grew up eating it too. He professes a lifelong love for all things plate lunch.  Like most Acadians, he was raised on smothered pork with rice and gravy, hearty stews, big bowls of gumbo—the plate lunch essentials.

But Broussard is very quick to give credit and thanks to Miss Gloria, the lady in the kitchen who makes his plate lunch dream possible. She has been with the restaurant for more than 16 years. Cooking Creole since childhood when her mother taught her, Miss Gloria herself has come to be as much an attraction for Gallagher’s loyal customers as the food she fixes.

Gallagher’s kitchen cooks up ten entrees a day. Regulars love the variety, but what they appreciate most is the reliability of a meal that tastes just like something they might find on the table at home. Chris Broussard’s personal favorites are the beef and pork chop lunches. But when the weather turns a little chilly, you’ll want to huddle in with the other customers for a steaming bowl of Gallagher’s [Gumbo]. And, in line with the Catholic traditions of Acadiana, the gumbo on Fridays is predictably a seafood gumbo. Few would call it a penance, however.

Owner: Chris Broussard
Address: 405 E. University Avenue
Phone: 337-261-0493, fax - 337-261-0194
Hours: Mon - Fri: 10:30 am - 2:30 pm; Sunday BBQ: 10:30 - 2:30