Prejean's Cajun Restaurant, Lafayette Louisiana


Memories of listening to Cajun music around camp fires as a young boy prompted owner Walter Guilbeau to incorporate a fuller experience of Cajun culture into his restaurant, Prejean’s. Walter wanted his customers to experience first-hand what he knew from his own life - the food and the music just go together. Having as much local culture as he can fit into his restaurant creates, he believes, the ultimate "Cajun Experience." The idea for Prejean's came to Walter while he was living in California, where he missed local delicacies like boiled crawfish, crabs, and shrimp that he had grown up eating.

After moving back to Louisiana and building his restaurant on family land, he wanted to name it after his grandfather, Walter Prejean. When he asked his grandfather's permission to do so, he was told, "know that I give you my name in good condition," something of which he is conscious to this day.

Mornings at Prejean’s are for those with a healthy appetite. Settle into the comfortable dining room with a cup of strong coffee. The breakfast menu features standard morning meals as well as local favorites and specialty dishes, delivering to patrons the “Cajun Experience” Guilbeau continues to maintain.

Owner: Bob Guilbeau
Address: 3480 N.E. Evangeline Trwy. (I-49), Lafayette
Phone: (337) 896-3247, (866) 290-0840
Hours: Open daily 7am-9:30/10:30pm