Meche's Donut King, Lafayette Louisiana

Meche's Donut King

Meche’s Donut King is a Lafayette staple among families, businesses and tourists alike. Known for both their fresh donuts and their King Cakes, Jane and Ewell Meche opened the popular donut shop in 1970 and now family members operate several locations in Acadiana.

Weekends are busiest, according to Olita Cormier, a Meche’s employee for 21 years. Not only does the business appeal to families, it operates much like a big family itself. Cormier says that’s what makes it so worthwhile. Not only are the co-workers like a big family, but also their customers. Cormier recalled a young man who first came in as a high school student at St. Thomas More, served in Iraq and returned to Lafayette and continues to eat breakfast at Meche’s.

Most employees have been there for over 10 years, working odd hours. “Cutters come in at 1:30, then come the friers a little later, and the cashiers, like me, come in at 3:30, others 4:30,” says Cormier.

Most popular are the glazed donuts and their remnants, tasty bite-size donut holes, and of course, the Meche’s King Cake, which comes in a variety of flavors and can be shipped anywhere in the continental Unites States.

Owner: Ricky Meche
Address: 402 Guilbeau Rd., Lafayette | 205 Rue Louis XIV, Lafayette | 306 E Willow St., Lafayette
Phone: (337) 981-4918
Hours: Open daily, 5 am-1 pm