Keller's Bakery

Hardships befell the Keller family as they settled in south Louisiana in the late 1800s after fleeing from France. Keller’s Bakery was opened shortly after, in the 1890s, by Jean-Pierre Keller. They have had multiple locations over the years, from New Orleans to Abbeville, but the only two remaining locations are both nestled in the Lafayette area. Many of the recipes they use today that have been passed from generation to generation are unchanged, some dating back over a hundred years.

At Keller’s you’ll find the traditional sweet treats and delicate pastries you’d expect from a French bakery, but you’ll also find savory filled pies featuring some of the most prized assets of the region, crawfish. Keller’s sells some of the best King Cakes in the area and once you’ve had one, you won’t want to wait a whole year for another. Keller’s busy season lasts from about October through June and their pastries play an integral part in holidays for many Louisianans throughout the south. Stop by Keller’s Bakery while you are downtown and see what the tradition is all about.

Owner: Kenneth Keller
Address1012 Jefferson St., Lafayette
Phone: (337) 235-1568
Hours: M-Closed, T-Sat 6am-5pm, Sun 7am-2pm