This classy market/restaurant started out as a meat market and has grown into a wonderful place to shop for gourmet groceries and prepared foods.  Their ninety-six seat dining room is airy and light. The meat counter has fresh and prepped items.  The store also has a seafood counter, wine and liquor department and bakery.

The owner, Joey Beyt, oversees the whole operation, which has been in business for twenty-five years.  His restaurant offers more than one hundred items, including daily specials like crawfish fettuccini, chicken cacciatore, and meatloaf.  Tempting side dishes have names like squash surprise and asparagus with proscuitto.  And soup!!  Aficionados of the meal eaten with a spoon need only wait until the cooler months to indulge.  The restaurant/prepared food market boasts a rotating menu of over thirty soups.  Mr. Joey invites harried people to come in and stock up on a weeks worth of prepared foods at one time.

Owner: Joey Beyt
Address: 503 Bertrand Drive, Lafayette, LA
Phone: 337-237-3661
Hours: M-Sat: 8am-6pm, Sun: Closed