Hub City Diner

Boudin and Bloody Marys reflect one dimension of local foodways that visitors will find on the Hub City Diner breakfast menu. While it is possible to get eggs cooked 28 different ways, insiders know the boudin scramble is the way to go. The colorful 1950s theme, complete with neon lights and a checkered floor, rounds out the laissez faire feel where employees are given only three rules: don't steal, show up for work and be nice. The latter is prevalent and the food is just as playful - order the fried pickles for a delicious treat.

Hub City has many regulars that come at least once a week and many every day; from folks who work at Lafayette General Medical Center across the street to telephone linemen, doctors, attorneys and families. Visitors from outside the area get a real sense of what life is like in the Hub City, a term locals use to refer to the city of Lafayette. In the Diner, you'll find friends shaking hands and sharing food while raising a glass to celebrate the Cajun way of life because after all, "Everybody should have boudin for breakfast and beer on Sundays."

Owner: Jimmy Guidry
Address: 1412 S. College Rd., Lafayette
Phone: (337) 235-5683
Hours: M-Sa 6:30am-10pm, Su 6:30am-3pm