The Crawfish Pot

If you’re not paying attention, you might cruise past The Crawfish Pot, a tiny unassuming shop on Foreman Drive, without a second look.

But once December rolls around and crawfish season starts, locals know to keep a sharp eye out to see if The Crawfish Pot is open for business. Then, instead of driving past, loyal customers line up to drive-thru. And The Crawfish Pot has lots of loyal customers. Lots and lots.

As small as it is, this little place manages to boil a staggering 6,000 pounds of crawfish per week, all of it seasoned with the mix of spices from the family recipe of owner Paul Broussard. It’s the same seasoning soaked into vegetables. Along with the traditional sides like corn, potatoes, and whole onions, The Crawfish Pot has made something of a specialty out of their boiled mushrooms; they swell with seasoned juices during the boiling and burst with flavor when you pop them in your mouth. Another favorite among the Pot’s regulars is their dipping sauce, which comes in small containers for those who like to dunk their vegetables and tails.

The manager, Bobby Cook, is a young man who has been heading up the Pot’s boil team throughout his college years. But youth is not to be confused with inexperience, and patrons will quickly tell you that The Crawfish Pot offers a quick, convenient, and cost-effective taste of Acadiana tradition.

Tuesday evenings are especially good for families on a budget, when The Crawfish Pot usually offers a special bargain price: even boiling your own at home, you can hardly beat “Two-Buck-Tuesdays.”

Owner: Paul Broussard
Address: 817 Foreman Drive Lafayette, LA 70506
Phone: 337-981-1114
Hours: Closed Monday, T-Sun 4pm-9pm (Dec-May)