Country Cuisine, Inc.

"…here at Country Cuisine you can get basic Creole food that’s really prepared in the Creole methods that have come down from generations ago."

Arthur (Roy) Williams, Country Cuisine

The meals you’ll get at Country Cuisine are the same meals Roy Williams cooked and ate when he was “coming up” in Duson, Louisiana. As hardworking tenant farmers, everyone in his family had to pitch in. Lucky for us, Williams was too small to work in the fields and was relegated to kitchen duty, helping his grandmother cook for the field hands “whatever was moving around the yard,” the ditches, or the rice fields. Williams learned young that what you cooked wasn’t as important as how you cooked it.

He recalls the boucheries performed by the landlord and how his grandmother would take home the parts of the pig discarded as not meal-worthy. She would bubble it up into a stew so good, Williams says, that even the landlord would eventually come nosing around to have a bowl. What went into the pot wasn’t special—just simple ingredients like onions, bell pepper, garlic, a little salt and pepper—but the process was. And, at Williams’ place, it still is.

Before opening up his own restaurant, he worked in the food industry while plowing away in college. Finally, after years of being the anointed cook for community and school events, he decided to follow his calling and open up a restaurant in 1986. He started small, a three-man operation, open weekends only. Williams sold boudin, cracklin, and hog’s head cheese at first, then began simmering a few plate lunches in his modest kitchen.

Now, his Country Cuisine is open 7-days a week, serving up over twenty different plate lunch choices daily—all meals that Williams grew up eating. Business is brisk, especially on Sundays. Faithful to his grandmother’s frugal ways, Williams is the only restaurant around town that still spoons up chitlins and cowboy stew. However, his claim to fame is Country Cuisine’s barbequed ribs. When a restaurant has a roll of paper towels on each table as a centerpiece, you know you’re in a serious rib joint.

The menu at Williams’ restaurant boasts “Country Cuisine, Authentic Creole Cuisine.” It’s not an uncommon claim. But according to his customers, there’s no question about Williams’ food; you can taste his upbringing in his plate lunches. It’s home cooking, they’ll tell you; it’s “the real deal”.

Owner: Arthur (Roy) Williams, part owner and chef; Charles Green
Address: 709 N. University Avenue
Phone: 337-269-1653
Hours: 10 am - 3 pm daily