Cafe Vermilionville, Lafayette Louisiana

Cafe Vermilionville

The structure that houses Café Vermilionville dates back to the late 1700s and is made of five buildings that have been assembled together. The original house was Lafayettes first Inn in the early 1800s and provided lodging to traveling salesmen who came to trade with the Attakapas Indians and trappers of the region. It was later occupied by Federal troops during the Civil War and was spared when much of the area was burned.

According to an old tale that has been passed down through the tenants, a Union captain, who was a little too fond of a Frenchman's wife, was shot to death in the Inn. Ken and Mary Veron, the current owners, have found musket rounds and other remains of the war while working in the gardens on the property.

Over the years, it has changed hands several times but has always been an icon of Southern hospitality. Complete with the original cypress beams, floors and fireplace trim, you truly step back in time when you visit the cafe.  Celebrities Kathleen Turner and baseball great Whitie Ford have been dinner guests here, as well as George Burns, who complimented the Verons by saying, "you run a good show here," and indeed they do.

With such a rich history, it's no surprise the dishes they serve are just as impressive. From turtle soup to a filet mignon stuffed with a crawfish and cheese mixture, there is something for every taste. The menu complements the grounds where you can host a special event from a wedding to business meeting or just sit in the bar for an after-work cocktail while you wait for the Pinhook Road traffic to clear.

The traditional Cajun dishes served here are twisted with a touch of sophistication that will please even the most discerning guests. Be sure to tip the waiter because the former union soldier is not the only ghost to walk the halls and disrespectful house guests are not welcome here. First-time guests are always impressed with what Cafe Vermilionville has to offer and are sure to come back again.

Owner: Ken & Mary Veron
Address: 1304 W. Pinhook Rd. Lafayette, LA 70503
Phone: 337-237-0100
Hours: M-F: 11-2, 5:30-9, Sat: 5:30-9:30

GPS Coordinates: 
30 11.999'N 092 00.966'W