Breaux's Market, Lafayette Louisiana

Breaux's Mart

Breaux's Mart is one of the few markets in Lafayette where more than half of the business is done in French. The Breaux family has assumed the cultural responsibility of carrying on the Cajun way of life from cooking to socializing with your neighbors. The pride speaks in this family-run business where Karl Breaux, one of six children, fondly remembers getting an apron for his sixth birthday, a rite of passage all the Breaux children experienced. He smiles as he says, "I've been here ever since."

He also remembers how he learned to cook with his father and other men at the family hunting camp. Karl is instrumental in the menu selection for the popular deli which serves couscous, meatball fricassee, cowboy stew, stuffed pork chops, and rabbit in brown gravy.  The deli offers authentic Cajun-style home cooking for working families and accounts for more than ten percent of their gross sales. (The national average for store delis is one to two percent.) "The food in the deli is something you'd find if you had been invited to someone's house for dinner."

Visitors will find bilingual labels in the meat department as well as displays of the baseball teams bearing the store's name. Both reflect Breaux's Mart investment in community and in tradition, but visitors to south Louisiana are considered part of the community and are always welcome. Visitors will also find that a good bit of business is conducted in French.  Also known as “Cajun Karl,” Breaux hosts a weekly television program on Acadiana Open Channel that focuses on presenting an accurate potrait of Cajun culture.

Owner: Karl Breaux
Address: 2600 Moss St., Lafayette, LA 70501
Phone: 337-234-4298 
Hours: 7:00am-9:00pm