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Archived Newsletters
Food - Eat Lafayette: Siro's Bistro
July 2015
Food - EatLafayette: Rachael's Cafe
Food - Crawfish 2.0
June 2015
Food - Dip Into The Secrets of Sauce
Food - The Origin of Crawfish Etouffee
Food - Purged Crawfish
Food - Crawfish
May 2015
Festival - Lisa LeBlanc
Music - Roddie Romero
Festival - Bringing the World to Festival
April 2015
Food - Green Gumbo
Food - Chicken & Shrimp Okra Gumbo
Food - Gluten Free Gumbo
March 2015
Food - Wild Wood Duck Gumbo
Food - What Makes GUmbo, Gumbo
Festival - Mardi Gras Treasure
Festival - Mardi Gras Royalty
February 2015
Festival - A Cake Fit For A King
Festival - Courir de Mardi Gras
Festival - Mardi Gras
Music - Paul's Playhouse
January 2015
Music - El SIdo's
Culutre - Zydeco A-Z
Music - La Poussiere
Culture - Thursday Night Tradition
Music - Vermilionville
Music - Whiskey River
Culture - Cajun Country Dancehalls
December 2014
Food - Laura's II
Food - Chubby's Favorite Plate Lunches
Music - Around the World in 15 Days
Food - Landry's Cafe
Festival - Southern Screen
Food - Creole Lunch House
Culture - Roy Carrier Sr.
Food - T'Coons
Music - The Pinch Drummer
November 2014
Food - Plate Lunch Paradise
Culture - What's In A Name
Festival - Blackpot
Food - Manger with Chuby Carrier
Music - Chubby's First Instrument
Festival - FAeC: Steve Riley
Culture - Growing Up Carrier
Festival - FAeC: Christine Balfa
October 2014
Festival - FAeC
Culture - Evolving the Tradition
Music - Zachary Richard's First Album
September 2014
Happiest City
Food - A Greener Pasture
Culture - Immersion Emerge
August 2014
Food - Cafe Vermilionville
Music - Zachary Richard Songwriting
Music - Zachary Richard Poetry
Food - Burgersmith
Culture - People & Place
Food - Coyote Blues

Music - Zachary Richard Discography
Culture - Growing Up Richard
July 2014
Food - Root Cause
EatLafayette - Nash's Restaurant
June 2014
May 2014
April 2014
March 2014
February 2014