Festival International de Louisiane

April 23-27, 2014
Downtown Lafayette

Come Celebrate the 28th Anniversary of Lafayette's Best Free Festival
The rhythms of this unique festival are filtered not by the eardrum, but by the spirit ..... Melodies mingle deep in your soul ..... Music seeps from the pores of your skin ..... a calypso beat ..... a Canadian folk song ..... a tale of lost love ...... Parisian cabaret ..... Cajun waltzes .....Creole fiddling ..... Reggae ..... Carribean carnival chants ..... Zydeco ..... Soukous from Zaire ..... Haitian rara ..... New Orleans Rhythm and Blues ..... ballads from Mali ..... a montage of music from the French-speaking world ..... the essence of Festival International de Louisiane ...... where the world unites in harmony.

Festival International de Louisiane is the largest Francophone (French speaking) festival in the United States. This FREE Festival began in 1986, and has been held every year since, in downtown Lafayette, Louisiana. Music, dancing, cuisine, theater, cooking demonstrations, storytelling, visual arts, crafts, and street animation create a major cultural festival experience that is truly unique and memorable.

Food vendors at Festival International de Louisiane transport you to the streets of far away lands. Tabasco and cayenne peppers. Mouth-watering seafood. Spicy Caribbean flavors. Jambalaya. Delicate pastas. French pastries. The subtle and the mild. The bold and provocative. Aromas mix in the warm Louisiana air, bringing together diverse cultures, like those of France and Africa in dishes of the French West Indies and Creole gumbo. And an adventurous audience discovers far away lands in the flavors of the world.

Visual and performing arts abound in galleries and theaters throughout Lafayette. Expressions of freedom, emotion, opinions and ideas emanate from movements on stage and brush strokes on canvas. In every medium there are personal interpretations of human experiences from the far corners of the earth. Theater. Dance. Cinema. Visual arts. Beauty is everywhere - in the potter's clay, in the words of the playwright, in the weave of the cloth, in the heart of the artist. Festival International holds a special place in its heart of the children of the world. La Place des Enfants. Storytellers. Games. Music. Art. Hands-on programs and active participation teach children about the diversity of cultures around the world. It is learning and entertainment, but most of all, it's fun!

2014 Music Line-up

The Funky Meters



Dick Dale

Salute to Congres Mondial

Zachary Richard with special
guest Sonny Landreth

Radio Radio

Sierra Leone’s Refugee
All Stars

Baloji & L’orchestra
de la Katuba

The Duhks

La Santa Cecillia

Black Joe Lewis

Imam Baildi

Vagabond Swing

Kobo Town

Keith Frank & the Soileau
Zydeco Band

Hassan Hakmoun


Dominique Dupuis

Les Hay Babies

Bernard Adamus

Beau Soleil avec Michael


Steve Riley & the Mamou

Rosco Bandana

Soirée du Cinema

Théatre: Shel’s Shorts

Dragon Knight Aquarȇve

Sweet Crude

Geno Delafose and French
Rockin Boogie

The Preservation

Ten Strings and a  Goat Skin

Cedric Watson and Bijou

Debauche Russian Mafia

Chubby Carrier & the Bayou
Swamp Band

Pine Leaf Boys

Tribute to Lerone Rubin
with Destination Gosper Choir

Carol Fran

Blayze Saddles

Hard Proof Afrobeat

Gina Chavez

Tuba Skinny

International Fiddle Summit

Festival Acadiens et Créoles present:
Soul Creole

Festival Acadiens et Créoles presents:
Creole United

Johanna Divine

The Revelers


Kevin Naquin & the Ossun

Soul Express Brass Band

Sons of Voodoo

Julie Williams

Stop the Clock Cowboy
Jazz Band

Rayo Brothers

French Mass

Brass Mimosa

Cat Head Biscuit Boys

Drew Landry

Native Sons

Choupique High Rollers

Sassafras Jubilee

Roaming Signals

Nichole Marceauz

ASArts Night Band

Leblanc Family Band

Firelight Performing
Arts Academy

Festival International

Courir du Festival 5k

Orkestar Zirkonium

Acadiana Youth Symphony

LJ Alleman Guitar Ensemble

Band Lab

Sweet Cecilia

Cirque de la Rue

Acadiana School for the Arts
Dance Company

Louisiana International Music 
Exchange (LIME)

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For more information, go to the official site of Festival International de Louisiane.